• Solar Water desalination system

    Winture® Planet-Cube ASW/ABW is a robust outdoor water desalination system able to produces drinking water directly from high saline seawater and brackish water resources.

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  • Empowering Women in Village Communities

    Winture Planet-Cube provides the basis of empowering women in rural parts of the world. We train local women to be the operator of the system. Providing secure access to clean water, and earning money out of managing the work of the system offers an additional value to the position of women in village life.

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  • Affordable seawater Desalination solution

    Winture® is an independent solution for people who need it most.
    Winture® Planet-Cube is an off-grid modular water desalination/ filtration system powered by solar and wind energy, capable of delivering premium quality potable water to villagers in rural areas at the lowest possible cost.

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Best Applications

Find out more about Winture and the ways that could serve you !

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Winture Features

Find out more about the running costs and the general performance of Winture Planet-Cube systems.

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Technical Information

Go deep in to the technical specifications of Winture planet-cube and know why we call it a state of the art!

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where to buy

Find Winture distributor in your area. Or become a distributor!

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Heavy duty desalination system, designed for harshest conditions,
from deserts to rainforests

The concept behind the design of Winture® Planet-Cube is to have an independent off-grid system, capable of working outdoor for long time with the lowest possible maintenance services.

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Every year Boreal Light GmbH hosts apprentice and trainees from all over the world at its facilities in Berlin. At the end of the session, participants receive professional certificate for small renewable energy application development. For more information please contact . sales@winture.de

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User's Manual &
Installation Tips

Winture Planet-Cube is designed to be extremely user-friendly and an easy to operate machine. Winture provides a fully automated digital interface, making the whole process of desalination management hassle free with no complications for non-technicians in remote parts of the world. Installation, operation, and maintenance of the Winture involves the physical installation of the machine on a stable solid ground. The box embodies 15 meters of automatic hose reel for access to contaminated saline water and compensation tank of the outflow water.

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