Who are we

Boreal Light GmbH is a Berlin based renewable energy engineering company located in Adlershof Science and Technology Park, Center for Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy.

Boreal Light GmbH deals with a wide verity of renewable energy projects around the world. Being specialized in micro solar and wind applications leads the company to move toward solution based projects for markets with less access to the grid. WINTURE® Plant-Cube is our solar water desalination system, designed for urban and rural applications.

"Winture Planet-Cube is designed and produced in Berlin"

What we do

Boreal Light GmbH designs, builds and sales solar water desalination/filtration systems. By January 2017, Winture Planet-Gas joins the family of our Winture products as our revolutionary hydrogen production system.

1. Consultancy

Boreal Light GmbH, according to its rich background on renewables, is consulting wind and solar projects across Europe, Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The company offers a wide range of consultations on renewable energy projects from technology to policy making and social development of wind and solar projects.

2. Design

Experienced technicians and engineers in Boreal Light GmbH offer solutions for all size of wind and solar projects.

3. Build

We do build our desalinations systems as well as their controlling boards here in Berlin. Our production team is committed to offers its state of the art hydrogen solutions to be a game changer for village life in remote parts of the world.

4. Sales

The commercial department in Boreal light GmbH supports our client with a full range of system components supply for wind and solar projects. In addition, the department is in charge of appointing dealers for the company’s own products around the globe.

Empowering Unprivileged Communities!

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