WINTURE Products

Planet-Cube ASW/ABW
Solar Water Desalination Systems

Winture® Planet-Cube ASW/ABW is a robust outdoor water desalination system able to produces drinking water directly from high saline seawater and brackish water resources. Winture® is designed to perform under harshest conditions of remote parts of the world. It provides up to 650 liters of pure potable water per hour. The quality of produced water stands at the highest possible safely level. Winture® removes 99% total dissolved solids (TDS) from the intake contaminated resources, and delivers drinking water free from any organic and inorganic contamination, bacteria and viruses.

The concept behind the design of Winture® Planet-Cube is to have an independent off-grid system, capable of working outdoor for long time with the lowest possible maintenance services. Winture® requires no diesel generator, or grid connections to work. All components are designed to work with DC electricity input from solar panels. A relatively small solar array provides enough electricity for the system to run. The stand-alone character of Winture® makes it an ideal solution wherever access to clean water is an issue. While producing clean water, the system offers low current DC charging possibility for up to 10 devices at a time. That, for people in rural areas, means Winture® provides for them both safe drinking water and reliable electricity to keep being connected to the world!

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