Best Applications

Winture Planet-Cube comes in two types: seawater desalination and brackish water desalination. The seawater desalination models work directly with high saline water resources of 33.000 PPM. The ideal application for the seawater version is remote areas of coastal regions or highly saline inland water bodies where small to moderate size of human communities reside and need access to potable water. Military bases, coast patrol stations, hotels, animal husbandries, and etc. are other sectors who may benefit well from Winture Planet-cube.

The other type of Winture Planet-Cube family deals with brackish water resources. Such water resources are not as saline as seawater and are not as pure as to be called potable. (Max 18.000 PPM) Such water resources are often at inland parts of the world, usually far from any sea.

While the salinity level of intake water is the most known element of labelling raw water resources, the level of other organic and inorganic pollutants is the other parts of making a water body potable. Winture Planet-Cube treats both organic and inorganic contaminations as well as salinity from intake water and delivers absolute safe potable water at TDS 270. (Far below WHO standard)